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Welcome to the Teachers Retirement Agency

The Teachers' Retirement Agency is recognised as the leading provider of retirement courses for teachers in the UK.

Endorsed by the Times Educational Supplement, our highly acclaimed seminars have been operating nationally for over 20 years and are booked by thousands of schools and individual teachers each year.

The seminars are run by a consultancy team consisting of individuals with extensive experience of teaching in schools and working within the education profession.

Subjects covered in the seminar include:

  • Ensuring financial security for retirement
  • Teachers’ Pension Scheme and State Pension
  • Actuarially Reduced Benefits / Premature Retirement
  • Improving retirement income
  • Estate Planning (preserving family wealth)
  • Paid work after retirement
  • Maintaining good health and changing relationships   

What do teachers do in retirement?

Often referred to as the 'third age' retirement can present great opportunities and open up many new possibilities. Click here to read about the experiences of retired teachers and their perspective on retirement.

Saving money. When in retirement there is a vast range of ways to save money from cheaper, term-time holidays to reduced travel fares. Find out more

Going on holiday or travelling? Caxton FX offers some of the best exchange rates around, with free foreign money transfers and no commission. Joining is FREE when you apply through the TRA website. Click here to find out more

The UK population is growing older Over the last 25 years the population aged 65 and over has increased by 1.5 million. The fastest population increase has been in the number of those aged 85 and over. As a result, the median age of the UK population is increasing. West Somerset had the oldest median age in the UK at 52 years. Click here to find out more

Changing relationships On average a working man and wife spend 11 waking hours together between Monday to Friday. On retirement this increases to 55 hours. This can prove a massive minus if resentment builds because you feel you need your own space and privacy. Click here to find out more

The Teachers' Retirement Agency supports a range of voluntary and charity work opportunities for retired teachers. Click here to find out more